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Sanitary Mixers


Multishaft Mixers for creams and lotions


Mixing for creams and lotions on multishaft agitator

Sanitary mixers and blenders often have a difficult time blending high viscosity and thick products. When a mixture viscosity become more than 5000cp a single shaft top entry mixer sometimes is not adequate. If powders such as thickeners are added, and high shear mixing is needed, a dual shaft or multimotion mixer if often a good choice. Typically WMProcess.com sees a three shaft design with anchor sweep agitator, high shear mixer (squirrel cage or disperser), and turbine agitator to give the best of all worlds in mixing action.

Light Weight Sanitary Mixer for Poly Tank

Heavy sanitary mixers frost my gears. A lot of biopharma manufacturers implement USP VI poly vessels for process mixing and agitation. Some of these PP plastic tanks are small scale, 10liters to 200liters+, and are portable on castors. These users need a small scale, light weight mixer with a 2″ TC sanitary connection. Now these mixers are available / in an autoclaveable design or in a simple small design. So you can have a sanitary mixer that weighs less than 10lbs made for biopharma use. Yours Truly, “the agitator”

Autoclave Mixers

How do you autoclave a process vessel with the mixer agitator installed. The WMProcess BioBlender has a quick disconnect motor, that allows you to autoclave the mixer and tank complete. The mixer housing, shaft/impeller, and seal all stay on the tank. Since the electric or air operated motor is removed, the rest of the mixer is autoclave ready for sterlizing. This agitator can be used on poly and stainless steel tanks and is very lightweight, so even fits on a standard poly PP 2″ Tri Clamp top port.



Poly Mixing Tanks

Ribo Testing

Most poly mixing tanks are subject to riboflaving spray ball coverage testing after final fabrication and QC. This Ribo Test confirms full coverage of the spray balls, or spray nozzles in the vessel for CIP (clean in place) for the tank and mixer. With a top entry mixer, or bottom mount agitator attention should be made to proper CIP cleaning without shadowing. White Mountain Process does offer aseptic bottom mount magmixers, and top entry mixers with CIP spray ball cleanable mixing impellers (most impellers do not spray ball clean on the underside without flooding). Ribo testing is also available for stainless steel sanitary tanks, AND poly mixtanks. USP VI PP and PVDF poly tank and mixer packages are readily available thru White Mountain Process. Ribo protocol development, CIP spray ball or spray nozzle optimization, and CIP system assistance is also readily available as required if in house clean in place and ribo testing SOPs are not already in place.

Flush mount radial valve on poly process tank

Bottom tank valves are indeed available for plastic tanks, and the radial no deadleg design for aseptic mixing, blending, and storage vessels. WMProcess is pioneering the ultimate in cleanable sanitary mixtanks using USP VI PP tanks, with radial diaphragm outlet drain valves. This combination provides all USP VI materials, no deadlegs or product holdup, easy to clean CIP, and an all poly package if stainless and metals are not compatible. These TOV valves are available as manual or actuated designs, with various diaphragm elastomers available. For mixing and blending a top entry agitator or bottom entry magnetic mixer (mag drive agitator which is sealless) is available. WMProcess provides full documentation packages on all mixing tanks, offer FAT, mixer run test, and Riboflavin testing to assure CIP coverage.

The good news, plastic tanks can be supplied with radial outlet diaphragm valves for the best in sanitary process vessels.

Mag Drive Mixer on Poly Biopharma Vessel

Not many folks are aware that you can install a bottom entry magnetic drive agitator onto a USP VI polypropylene tank. Although these mixtanks are not inexpensive, White Mountain Process provides a package to allow an aseptic bottom mag drive mixer, flush mount valve if desired, low level mixing, and mag drive is available in low shear and high shear designs. With poly mixing tanks there is considerable fabrication time savings for fast track projects, and cost savings compared to traditional sanitary biopharma mixtanks. Please ask us about poly magmixers.

-faster delivery than stainless steel tank and mixer
-aseptic and ultra clean for biopharma use
-USP VI on poly tank (PP and PVDF)
-flush mount radial bottom valve, and no deadleg fittings on poly tank
-Ribo testing on poly mixtank readily available
-great for low level mixing
-save headroom on tank top
-not top heavy, not mixer on tank top so gives more room

Poly Mixtank and Carboy Rinse Station

Buffer prep and makeup is often done with an overhead mixer agitator and poly carboy. These plastic tanks (often FDA and USP VI rated) and carboys and agitators need to be cleaned. WMProcess offers a carboy rinse station which is compact and effectively CIPs various size carboys and containers. Single station rinse systems to more complex multi setp clean in place systems are readily available. These systems are very lightweight, can be portable, have a very quick delivery, and are inexpensive compared to more complex CIP clean in place systems. Customers have advised this carboy cleaning station beats hand cleaning of tanks, carboys, plastic vessels, mixing tanks, and small stainless containers and does it in a consistent and validatable fashion. Engineers at White Mountain Process can provide details, specs, and pricing on these CIP carboy systems.

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